Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A lot has happened during this month of August including a handful of things that were completely what I would like to call...fate. Since returning home from the Western Canada Summer games (with the gold, might I add) I have taken my life and completely turned it upside down. Not to say that the way it was before was necessarily a bad thing but this is something different and offers me an opportunity to develop in other areas of my life and career.

I am on indefinite hiatus with the National team and will not be competing in Mexico at the Pan American games. Unfortunately, I felt a need to return home and focus on other areas of my life. Fortunately, opportunities arose almost faster than I could have even hoped for. I have been accepted to take on the role of the Communications and New Technologies Assistant at the University of Victoria, home of the UVic Vikes...aka my second home.

I couldn't be more thrilled to not only be working in a field that I am so passionate about but to also be back in the Vikes family helping ramp up support for a University that gave me so much. UVic has been more than instrumental in my life and successes over the years. I dedicate so much of my success to my career at UVic and in fact, that experience is my measuring stick. The bar was set so high when I was at UVic that so far no other team or program has matched what I felt like coming out of that program. It's a pretty great feeling to be back there with that "family."

It's going to be a tough transition going from a physically working "job" as an athlete to a more office and hands on 9-5 type job! Either way, it's going to be what I make it. So, I am excited to work with new and familiar faces, learn A LOT and have fun covering sports and doing what I love!

I am not sure how prominent this blog will be as I am not currently training or reporting for the National team but I will do my best!

For now check out some of the stuff I will be posting throughout the upcoming months at www.govikesgo.com

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